Feng Shao Feng several times rumored girlfriend, which actress more attractive

Feng Shao Feng Ni Ni microblogging acknowledged that the romance, all the users send blessings that have previous Feng Shao Feng Yang Mi board on many, compared to Yang Mi, Ni Ni of the atmosphere a lot of international range, fresh Fan. Feng Shao Feng, "New love, old love" Beauty skill competition. Feng Shao Feng Ni Ni intimate photos

"Bye" and coming "seeking girl love it!

Looks like the eight-pole could not beat the two, like how on it?

From the palace through the bye, holding hands, jade ink, Feng Shao Feng and Yang Mi is also known as the rumored couple, the current rumored girlfriend and former rumored girlfriend Beauty skill competition is unavoidable …

Fight cheongsam lips makeup

Fight cheongsam lips makeup

The Ni Ni: This makeup the Ni Ni prospect of a full sense of the innocent, and very lovable. Playing with light gold eye shadow around the eyes, a prominent bright eyes magic, the lower eyelid to mention bright brush on light orange eye shadow to create the eyes of innocent sense. The red lipstick is especially significant Ni Ni perfect transparent skin.

Yang Mi: This retro smoked red lips makeup, make people feel not rigid, largely due to his carefully selected and up and down at the end of eye convergence at the end of eye, but on the liner slightly on the pick, it is a great affinity eyes with the feeling of the peach.

Council Ni Ni Yang Mi two lips makeup is elegant and give enchanting charm Council tie.

With makeup according to skin foundation PK

With makeup according to skin foundation PK

Ni Ni: 88 years Nini Jiang Su, Nanjing, skin foundation is naturally very good. White translucent skin, she usually attaches great importance to the maintenance. Talked about the day-to-day skin whitening methods, Ni Ni Tan, are common skin whitening methods, but in the process of maintenance than others, particularly careful, careful nothing.

Yang Mi: 86 years before his rumored girlfriend, Yang Mi, has been with Liu Kaiwei public outing, but still not affect the civil take Ni Ni Yang Mi compare. Yang Mi, even with makeup state, are still visible acne traces. Skin foundation of 86 years, Yang Mi and Ni Ni compared to naturally lose part of.

Council Ni Ni victory, Yang Mi.

With nude makeup according to skin, makeup foundation PK

With makeup bare makeup according to skin foundation PK

Ni Ni: Ni Ni – makeup visible obvious black eye, the skin is white and elastic. The makeup of her as the sister next door, less the sort of temperament, but also to conceal his star quality. After the famous, often receive work and magazine photo shoot Ni Ni, especially location photo shoot, so keep the skin white, very important point is that a good sunscreen and isolation. For makeup, the Ni-ni attaches great importance to clean, usually after work, it will immediately look removable to avoid heavy makeup on the skin to stay too long.

Yang Mi: Yang Mi makeup skin, has high optical state, but still visible acne on the forehead and India. However, the overall skin condition is actually quite good.

Makeup real Nanbian the authenticity of the Council tie.

Æ 'º ìÌ º × ±

Æ 'º ìÌ º × ±

ÄßÄÝ £ º Ç ³ Ç ³ μÄ × ØÉ «Ë« à ¼ ÈÃÑÛ ¾ | ÏÔμà ¾ «ÖÂÎÞ ± È £ ¬ ± ÇÁ º º ÍÏ ° Í '| ÊÊμ ± Ê ¹ ÓÃÁË ¸ ß ¹ â · Û º ÍÐÞÈÝ · Û £ ¬ ÈÃ × ± ÈÝ ¸ üÁ ¢ Ìå ¡ £ ÑÆ ¹ â '½ ¸ àμÍμ ÷ ÎÞ »ª ÌØÏÔÄßÄÝåüÃÄμÄÅ ® ÈËÎ ¶ μÄÒ» Ãæ ¡ £

ÑîÃÝ £ º × ØÉ «² ã'ÎÑÛ × ± £ ¬ Ö» ÊÇÇ ¿ μ ÷ ¸ ù ¸ ù · Öà ÷ μÄ ½ Þà «£ ¬ ¶ ø · Ç ³ £ ³ ö ² ÊμÄ ¾ ÍÊÇÑÛÎ ² μÄÄÇÒ» Ìô £ ¬ μ «ÒÅ º ¶ μÄÊÇ × ± ÈÝÅäÉÏÓãÁÛ ° ãμÄÒ · þÂÔÏÔ ²» 'óÆø ¡ £

± ¾ ¾ ÖÄßÄÝÇåÐÂÍÑË × μÄÆøÖÊÍêÈ «¸ Ç ¹ ýÁËÑîÃÝ £ ¬ ÄßÄÝÊ ¤ ¡ £

Fight photo art

Fight photo art

Ni Ni: This magazine cover look exudes mystery and elegance. Clean and handsome brow makeup apparent features of the advantages of perfect Chinese style red makeup theme, pale flawless looking finish red slightly embellished, eye shadow in brown festooned with sweet and gentle.

Yang Mi: dark coffee color eye shadow to play in the orbital location of the front of the partial not only to make the eyes more deep atmosphere, and this is how to make your eyes from the smaller, more compact facial makeup tips Oh, cheekbone near the ear position to sweep a layer of honey powder, and immediately you face a small circle.

Council Ni Ni of China Wind theme look more flavor than Yang Mi, Nini Sheng.

Xue-mou Girl Ni Ni Variety, Beauty capture high Shuai Fu

Xue-mou Girl Ni Ni Variety, Beauty capture high Shuai Fu

The quiet side of the sub-straight hair and rolling in the tail add to the feminine.

Earth colors of eye shadow and nude pink lip with the Asians will never go wrong dress, rich eyeliner just as the crowning touch to instantly refreshing.

Orange-pink lips of youthful vigor, perfect nude makeup to create a natural beauty beauty Fan children, orange, pink lips and flying hair show vitality Ni Niqing spring side.

Nini Ping to makeup, pale skin, apply a Prostitute, you can let her charming temperament accentuates.

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