The essential makeup of the silver-gray smoke a holiday party

Slightly exaggerated form of carnival is the essential makeup

Weekdays slightly exaggerated shape at the end of the year carnival Shique essential makeup. Eyes how much there is much to be able to catch the eye of everyone, a real party queen.
POINT make-up steps


Silver and black smoke makeup of

Under the eye shadow of the luxurious silver

The whole surrounded by a type of dark eyeliner POINT make-up steps

First with the background to expand the eye contour

Out from the inside eyelid with a white or silver pearlescent eye shadow eye bone to smear, which can extend the distance between the eye and brow bone.

Concave-shaped smear silver black eye shadow

Smear in concave shape of the silver and black eye shadow with a focus on eye head and end of eye, and repeatedly back and forth a few times to eye shadow brush to adjust eye shadow from the eye.

Light-colored eye shadow to create deep eyes

Close your eyes, in exophthalmos place once again make up bright eyeshadow to create a profound sense of orbital rich orbital level.

Smoky eye shadow to increase the wild sense of

At the socket again superimposed on a silver and black eye shadow to increase the exaggerated sense of wild sense of eyes more sexy.

Under the eyelid first draw on the whole silver eye shadow

Silver eye shadow from the end, the way from heavy getting light, painting a whole silver eye shadow to the first eye.

Emphasis on the eye contour with black eyeliner

Eyeliner at the lash roots surrounded by painting, painting a thick eyeliner, deepen the eye contour.

Let's check! Cutting-edge show star 's, wild smoked makeup

3D three-dimensional eye makeup magic weapon

The charm-color four-color eye shadow 3g 650 / Clé de Peau Beauté fine luster with light and shadow of the concentration effect of each other, against the background of Double Vision bright, multi-angle, three-dimensional eye, easy to create elegant eye makeup. That let you instantly change from passers-by Queen!

Professional makeup artist love supplies

Magic stars powder 7.5g 210 yuan / MAC good door for eye makeup to create a strong sense of metal, you can do eye shadow, you can also do other uses of the molding powder, and color to create a professional makeup artist favorite partner.

Unparalleled makeup effects

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros eyeshadow 2.1g, $ 250 / Estee Lauder perfect fusion of form of all kinds of silty, true color formula is not blooming, makeup or caking. Only need a thin and bright colors polymers instant presents bright colors.

Icon fashion role model

Satin-color eye shadow 1.5g × 2 68 / Max Factor's fine silty with shiny pearl micro particles instantly brighten your eyes, shape of eye shadow effect. Color, full of layering, fragrance, makeup lasting, easy to create the perfect makeup.

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